Monday, October 3, 2011

Free Erotic Story - "Touched By Daddy"

"Touched By Daddy"
A short story by Tawny Black

My stepfather and I were watching television one night when my mother was out of town. It was something we'd done hundreds of times before, but something happened that night that changed our relationship forever. Daddy touched me.

I don't mean he put his hand on my knee or brushed the back of his hand against my cheek. He touched me in the way a man touches a woman. I was eighteen, but I'd never been touched that way. I was still a virgin.

We were watching a show where this couple was making out. They were really going at it - moaning, tongues melding together, gasping... it was incredibly hot, and I was wetter than I think I'd ever been. I think he must have sensed it, because he suddenly reached his hand under my nightgown. I felt his hand hot and shaking against my inner thigh. We both froze, but when I didn't push him away, he grew bolder. I felt his hand slide up my inner thigh, his fingers slowly inching through the band of my panties.

His fingers tickled the little tuft of hair on my mound. I spread my legs wider, allowing him access. I threw one leg over his lap and leaned back. I could hear his rough, raspy breathing in my ear. His fingers gathered some of my wetness and slipped up to my clit, lubricating it. I gasped.

His fingers worked in slow, deliberate strokes. At first, he touched it gently - teasing. Then he pressed firmer, rubbing my clit in little circles. He pulled his fingers out and tasted them, closing his eyes and savoring the delicate sweetness. 

Once again, his fingers made their way inside my panties. This time, he tried to work one finger inside me. He met resistance at my hymen.

"Are you a virgin?" he asked me, his eyes wide with surprise.

"Yes, Daddy," I admitted, my cheeks flushing pink.

"Mmm... you taste like a virgin," he said. "I want to fuck you."

"No," I told him. "I'm not ready for that."

He bit his lip and stared at me for a moment, then nodded.

His fingers inched back up to my clit. With firm pressure, he rubbed in rapid circles. I could feel pressure building inside me. My inner thighs started to quiver, and my breath was erratic and shuddering. My hips began to wiggle, thrusting against his hand as I neared climax. I let out a slow, high-pitched moan of ecstasy and gushed wetness all over his hand and my entire body was trembling with orgasm!

My body was weak and exhausted. I relaxed against him, and I could feel his hardness against my back, digging into my spine, desperate to be inside me. I wanted him. I desperately wanted him to take my virginity. To fuck me. To tear my hymen to shreds and make me a woman. But it wasn't the right time. Soon, I knew, but not now.