About Me

I'm Tawny Black. I'm a female erotica writer who prefers to write really dirty porn stories rather than mushy romance.

My stories are hardcore. They're wild! If you want a sensual, romantic story, you'll have to look elsewhere. My stories are raunchy and totally unapologetic!

My stories have minimal plot. They get straight down to the point - sex. If you want something to get you excited and get you off, I'm your girl!

I've always been a fan of raunchy sex. I can't stand standard "erotica". You know, the plain Jane stuff with 50 pages of plot and 3 pages of sex? And the sex is basically just "kiss, kiss, hug, cuddle, put it in, take it out, done". NO THANK YOU!

I'm a fan of spanking, of extreme sex, blowjobs, bondage... of taboo stuff that would make your mama blush!

Check out some of my stories. You'll be glad you did!